Striving for independence

13 Aug



I thought of a story today wanted to share with you all. I thought of a self-centred being, filthy rich sitting on his couch reading newspaper. Suddenly an old man’s voice broke the silence; he said “do you know that tomorrow is Independence Day?” The man replied with yes. The old man said do preparations for decorating the house for Independence Day; we are famous for our patriotism. The man gets into action sends someone to buy the flags and streamers and gathers all his servants for decorating. As the decoration is in continuation he watches over his servants and start beating them up for decorating the house with respect to his expectations. People cross by, seeing the man beating his servants, one or two interrupts but the man told them not to interfere, the servants as well as the territory is mine, you have no right to interfere. Their companions cry as the servants started to bleed by the unethical act of their master. All of a sudden the streamers of Pakistani flag get bleed by the blood of innocent servants while they are decorating it. At the time of supper in evening a well reputed politician pays visit to the residency and sees the blood all over the streamers and the floor and addresses “ We condemn this act and we will make sure that this doesn’t happens in future”. A villager comes forward and says, Sir with due respect last year on the same occasion you took us in confidence that this will not happen again and the politician replied that we are working on new defence policies for the common man and this act continues and the flag continues to bleed….

Now after thinking of this story my question is? Independence Day was for all or only for them who are in power and have the right to do anything they want in society? I think we as a Pakistan have no right to celebrate independence. How can we celebrate it if we have no right to offer our prayers without fear, if we have no right to be a part of another sect, if we have no right to be a common man of this country, but of course we are liable to pay for those who have the right to live freely in this country and those are the mean who are spectators watching their homeland their flag bleed.

Pakistan after its 66th independence is still striving for it but not yet had been successful. Bleed Green

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