Mr. Khan (Hope for change or just another political player)

3 May

Nowadays everyone is talking about Imran Khan the great which is a hope for the change in Pakistan…I think this is really a bullshit..Like the Party workers of PPP, MQM and PML-N the PTI workers too are dancing on the roads, blocking the road, giving bribe to the Police constables, raising slogans and abusing other politicians…I don’t see any change. Dear Imran Khan you have failed to prove yourself. He says that fanatics are there in ISLAM but most of them are liberals yes ofcourse, we are liberals but how come those fanatics of ISLAM are supporting you Mr. Khan and when you will become the prime minister which you will not InshaALLAH you will slowly and gradually take all minorities out from this country that will be the result of the pact from that fanatics that you have made. HATS OFF to you for your politics and still you say you are the hope for the change 🙂 and ofcourse its only my perception so Its my individual freedom of expression rather than talking on behalf of someone or a group of people

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