Happy Independence Day

13 Aug

I’m Not Just Bombs, Poverty, Hunger & Corruption…!!!
I’m Jinnah’s Vision.
I’m Edhi’s Philanthropy.
I’m AQ Khan’s Brilliance.
I’m ZAB’s Dare.
I’m Afridi’s Exuberance.
I’m Nusrat Fatah Ali’s & Abida’s Vocal Chords.
I’m Fastest Growing IT Industry.
I’m World’s Top Sport Goods Industry.
I’m In Four Weathers.
I’ve 2nd highest Mountain Peak And 8 Out Of 20 Highest Peaks.
I’m 7th Nuclear Power.
I’m 4th Nation To Build Cruise Missiles.
I’ve Hospitable People.
I’m Epitome Of Resilience.
I’m Among Few Of The Bravest Nations.
Yes I’m Pakistan…..!!!
Spread Optimism, Spread Peace…!!!

My Reply to this

It was not Jinnah’s Vision it was his struggle which was indeed good but my perception for Jinnah is not good at all.
AQK was a thief and will always remain, thanks to him now any Pakistani can’t research the way they used to do in foreign countries
It was a fastest growing IT industry now its a nightmare for any investor to invest
Hospitable people?? do u really think that
Bravest Nation? Really
Spreading Optisim is not like to give fake hopes…Change with in ourselves can bring the change not the hopes which are associated with some people or leaders. As far as all the people who have studied history very well will agree with me on this…need your opinion!! Sorry if anybody is not agree wid my perception. Happy Independence day…which we are still seeking

One Response to “Happy Independence Day”

  1. sanderali at 8:15 pm #

    Abhi tak Paoun se Chimti hain Zanjeerein Ghulami ki
    Din Ajata hai Azaadi ka Azaadi nahi Ati

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