11 Apr

Right now, I think as a human I have no feelings left, I am so immune that if a tragedy undergoes with my fellow countrymen I forget it so quickly, I even don’t realize that I can also be victimize by the situation which has struck to my fellow countrymen. I am so immune that if somebody gets hurt I even don’t offer a helping hand by the fear of getting robbed or killed. Meet me I am a Pakistani but what made me so immune? What made me think like this? Why we all discriminate each other? The Reason is that our politicians want us to be discriminated, They want us to fear one another, and the effect is that if a person dies in our community, in our relatives or any person related to political party which we think works in our favor, we support the call for strike or so called YOM-E-SOG, and nobody realizes that 150 soldiers, who are trapped in Siachen under bulk of snow are not getting any support by these political parties, why is this so? Because we don’t care who are they, they do not belong to our province and they are not our relatives. What a nation we are and we still dare to say proudly that we are Pakistanis. I recall a line from Shahzad Roy’s Song “Yahan jo bhi ata hai apna hi ullu seedha karta hai” I hope I am not hurting anyone by saying this but the reason to write is we are losing our humanity, and once its lost we will no longer be humans logically.

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