Unconsidered Issues

1 Mar

Before saying anything I just want to tell you that I am not an anti-valentine person, but I was shocked while watching the news channel and the talk shows where the anchors are busy in broadcasting the news report on Valentine’s Day. Though it’s not the matter of only this day but everyday while watching the news channel I think of what’s important in this country and what things are emphasized by the news reporters, I am talking about the news related the education, where on one hand all the major public sector universities in Sindh are locked for education and loss of thousands of students have been observed, in spite of that no news channel is eager to raise the voice on this issue. Local News Channels like KTN, Sindh TV etc sometimes broadcasts the news related the issue of University but I do not see any enforcement in any talk show to resolve these issues.
Every Student, every parent and citizens watch the news channel for the awareness of the news that when the universities will get started for the education but everyday they end up with same conclusion. Every citizen is losing his/her hope from the Universities in Sindh especially.
I am not being nationalist but the boycotts in other Provinces especially Punjab are immediately resolved on urgent basis, but on the contrary a university which is not delivering the education and are on strike since 43 days are being neglected continuously, why is this so? Or we can conclude that education in this province does not matter to our beloved leaders to whom we the public have given mandate. Really it hurts when the students who have recently passed out from these universities appear in interviews and they listen the same statement everywhere that what have you learnt from the universities which are on strike for week of weeks and how could a student justify this statement to the interviewer. I believe that News channels should feel their responsibility and loyalty to this country by showing solidarity to the news which should be considered and need to be resolved on urgent basis, which needs urgent consideration of Government Officials, Politicians and Citizens to give them a ray of hope that this matter is in process of resolving. I don’t know that by writing this I can deliver my message properly but I feel that it’s my duty to at least write on this issue, and give awareness to as much citizens as I can, I hope that this matter will be taken into account in the news channels and this issue will be discussed in the talk shows to come up with a solution cumulatively and to avoid such situations in future which could harm the education as in the current situation.

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