Downfall of Education

16 Feb

Today in this enormously and rapidly changing world with respect to the technology where everyone is striving to become the best in his/her own field in accordance to achieve their goals, this is a dream for every person to be known for something in this world and for that education is the basic and primary tool. Every country in this world tries to increase the literacy rate so that their youth could come up with some innovative ideas for their homeland and get them known in this world, to get the economy of their country grow and maintain the peaceful environment because education teaches to differ between good and bad.

Unfortunately our country Pakistan lacks in this field of education and they have no interest to increase the literacy rate in this country. There are many problems in this country which are given preference to but they never think of the problem residing in the foundation of the society. Talking about Sindh every media in fact CJP (Chief Justice of Pakistan) takes suo moto notice of Memo gate etc and different problems but has never taken the suo moto notice of the corruption behind the rain/flood victims and their rights which are not received by them isn’t it strange. There are many of those examples likely one of them is the education destruction in Sindh, we were proud that our one of the university was in TOP 300 universities of the world but where it will stand now when the institution has stopped giving education to the students and what is the reaction of the Government in this regard? The answer is they give a damn to these problems they deal with the bigger problems every day, like what is the decision of the Supreme Court against the Prime Minister, what progress is in the memo gate case, when does this government conducts the election. Is this really a matter to the common people of Pakistan? Public Universities are a source where poor people teach their children so that they can support them by getting a job but how they will do so? By resting at their houses and waiting for the call that now the universities are open, you can come to get the education, what a pity. In our childhood we used to read that our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said related to education that “Seek Knowledge from cradle to the grave”, “The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr”, after quoting this text a student told me, How is this possible to act on this when the Institutions giving education are not fulfilling their duty, Regardless of their demands and the reason behind that, what is our mistake for which we are kept away from our education, will we get good jobs or even a job which is sufficient for living in this study environment, One student said to me that my father is a farmer he sends the money every month and calls me, they do not have a television or any source by which they are known to the current condition, he asks how is your study going, do you need anything more, I will do anything for your education? My eyes got wet when that student asked me, what answer I shall give to him and when he seeks the truth would he be able to expect something from me. I can only hope for the better relating the education in this province and Pray to GOD that at least give some wisdom to our leaders so that they should consider this as a major problem in spite of ignoring it.

2 Responses to “Downfall of Education”

  1. Adnan at 4:43 am #

    True !! i think its a responsibility for every educated single to spread as much they can at least in their circle !

  2. Sarmad Bhatti at 12:22 pm #


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